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don't make me play anymore

Title:don't make me play anymore
Caption:the game ended up in the "free" box outside.
Parent Places: List of Places > Everything > Seattle > Facial Hair and More
Added by:SKUFFZ
Date Taken:2006-03-27
Place:Facial Hair and More
Date Added: 10:16 PM on Mar 27, 2006
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why, why, hwy
By: Anonymous
Why is free in quotes?

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best comment ever
By: Creme_De_La_Creme
hahahaha. well, if she had written "free box," then "free" would be modifying "box" and it would have looked like the box is free. wait... are you saying the box IS free?! shit.

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Re: best comment ever
it's in quotation marks because the box says the word FREE on it. I was quoting the box.

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Re: Re: best comment ever
By: Anonymous
i was quoting your mom

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