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lurking inside the castle...

Title:lurking inside the castle...
Caption:You'll never guess what the main attraction inside the Heidelberg castle is... it's a giant vat that was used in days of yore to hold all of the many gallons of wine that were taxed from the local vineyards. In fact, it's the biggest wine-vat in the world (well, the biggest one that was used for functional purposes, anyway). This picture is so dark, it's hard to tell... but it's like a huge barrel laying on its side--- this is the end of it, and I am standing halfway up its height. As you could probably guess, all the king's horses and all the king's men must have had some wild parties once all the vineyard-taxes were collected.
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Added by:SKUFFZ
Date Taken:0000-00-00
Place:Stephanie Went to Europe
Date Added: 12:08 AM on Oct 14, 2004
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