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The Stephanie Collection

Description:I lost some places, Stephanies pics wound up here. Sorry
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Pictures contained in this place:

Stella & Esther at Jamaa Letu

dog in South Africa

if it's the last thing i do

ear here

found a kitten

Becky "Cat Face" Jessup

Serious Kitty

profile attempt

gosh i like cats

break your fast

snip snap

happy gang!

do not mess with this guy

after a satisfying meal

mixed emotions

expensive hula hoops

hoop poop

acid trip hula

ready for close-up

wood if i could

Group Shot #1

Group Shot #2

Group Shot #3

Group Shot #4

Group Shot #5

Group Shot #6

Group Shot #7

your sad eyes

the bounty of the season

You Can Have It All: Erika's Birthday Breakfast

a birthday toast

a fantasmic dreamscape of wonder

Gem Session!

got the magic hands

smart. ass.

Purple Berry Paradise (Berrydise?)

they're real, i swear


blurry babes

laughter lingers


we love it when we're together


the kitten grew up


under the tablecloth and dreaming

Mr. Becky Jessup (dressed up)

havin a good day

i can't stop