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Winter in the Emerald City

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just swooped in

dubble self portrait

joy of cooking


Zoiks! Zucchs!

Hail to the Kale

red white blue

Adam & Sally


joy of cooking #2

smashing floor

shine a light

brush with greatness


what's this called again?


golden roots


we love them

get on board with gourds


outstanding in his field


adam & foliage

i love this place

an alien is born

i didn't touch it

here's one

Old Mr. Mossbone

is this for real?

lovely lemons

what a wild world

lady of the purple leaf

lovely assortment

ready for chili

the chili line-up

the three of us and a bowl

later that night....

lookin weird

mixed moods

here we are


lion's share

to the side

what a way to start your day

standing around looking cool

they're a band

Bigg Bukks McGhee

adam & matt

Legg Cetera

On a Tandem, Life is Grandem

just popped up to say hello

Sassy Frassy Lassies

taker easy

don't let this happen to you.

Tim Curry Night!!

egg rolls, rollin' off my tongue

having a delicious time

gimme that

it's fake

exxxtreme close-up

ready to fry, guys

pretending to cry

jesse & ben = buds

autumn ground

portrait of the camera

make like a leaf and tree

solid gold

Mystery Forest