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2007 Thankstaking

Description:We had a seasonal feast on Friday with duck instead of turkey. Here's the menu and guest list: Thankstaking Feast (11/23/07) * acorn squash - Abby * bean salad - Stephanie (p.s. my salad does not come with any guarantee of affecting change in the world, but you may find it delicious) * stuffing - Abby * mashed potatoes - These will contain enough cream and cheese and cream cheese to hold you for a while. - Miles * i might make some kind of grainy salad that will make everyone who eats it feel like their identities are coherent and they can affect real change in the world and be appreciated for their efforts (it will be called "the salad that saves everyone who eats it from existential despair for at least 10 minutes and will also give you a satisfying shit later") - Evelyn * vegetables * duck (any other birds?) o gravy * kale - Evelyn * cranberry sauce - abby Well, I made some yesterday already, so yours may have to play second fiddle. -mork.the.delayer 11/23/07 6:00 PM * injera -- WTF no way!! Yaweh. -mork.the.delayer 11/23/07 6:01 PM Who will be here? 9 is the most recent count. * house (5) * Evelyn * Abby * Stephanie * David Bowie * Alexis
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arugula seed presentation ritual

arugula seed ritual

seeds for stephanie

seeds for Evelyn

Evelyn after dessert