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October in Portland

Description:Here's some stuff we did in Portland during the month of October 2007.
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Ms Pacman

beer with videogame

i like this game

action shot !

Jesse on the Failing Street Pedestrian Bridge



hazy blaze -- it's the shit

way cool

psycho smile

jungle gym jesse

good move

when will I ever be satisfied?

Robbie in the sun

Becky & Robbie go head-to-head

beautiful neighborhood

oh dear

har har har

Jose Canseco

real deal

under golden curtain

S is for Stephanie

having a laugh

A is for Aidan


laugh all you want

"Two, please. Two."

stabby things!

it's been a long time since I've seen someone do this

another signature pose

introducting Cream Puff & Oreo

Jeepers Sheepers

positively pumpkins

I know how to pick 'em


the gourd life

ok, let's stand here like this

Old Pumpkin Head




I'm gonna take you home, little pumpkin.

Hides His Face


Gettin' Sassy on the Farm

what're you looking at?

the lay of the land

look around you

got what i wanted

i love you, gourd.

yay, we did it!

all carved up


wheeeeel barrrrrrow

Becky pops out of the lantern

Old Red-Eye

hello? harry?

here's harry