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Rags & Riches Weekend

Description:It was a gorgeous weekend of Rags and/or Riches at the house of Skuffz & Amber, Animal Collective, Abby's birthday, and some other stuff. September 2007.
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Yours Truly, Local Yokel

Getting Rich, Getting Ragged

Cammy Woes

The Blue Ribbon Blues

Dapper Reflection

Railroad Tycoons

Violet Crumble

Kill the Poor

Eat the Rich

Vintage, Dude


Now That's Hot Money!

Money Bagz

Daddy Warbucks

RuthEllen, the Rich Texan

Reclining in Riches

How Droll!

AAaaah Real Monsters!

Let's Get a Little Bit Tilted

The Talk & The Walk of the Town

Come One, Come All! Having a Ball!

Class Differences? Who Cares?!

Old Money, Camas-Style

Bedtime Snacker

All That Money Wants

I Can't Believe It's In His Pants!!

Just Throwin' That Cash.

Hamiltons Everywhere

Skuffz and the Floor Show

Money: Put It On Me.


You're a Rich Girl.

Puttin' On The Ritz

She Wants a Glamourous Life

That Richie Can Drink

Fancy Dancin'

Mo' Money, Mo' ???

Burnin' Down The House

Put Your ___ Where Your ___ Is


The Venerable Mr. Preston Hillman

Not Too Fancy for Air Guitar

Lil' More Air Guitar, Down Low

Smelly Jowls

Hell Teeth


Don't Ask Skuffz!

Handful of Hands


Lady Green Skeleton

Watch The World Die

Priceless in Portland