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Renaissance Faire 2k7

Description:Abby and i wouldn't miss the Ren Faire for the world! We threw on our default Renaissance gear, hopped in Ye Olde Prius, and set off to Gig Harbor for surely one of the very, very best days of our summer. (August 2007)
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Hunter's Hat


Gypsy Hair Net

Beads of Yore

Pirate Family Campsite

Lounging, Pirate-Style

Pirate-y Passerby

Wenches and Jewels!

You Call This Magick?


The Magick Show Blew.

Turkey Leg

Ren Slut


Renaissance Romance

The Gyspy Show Begins

Fire at the Faire!

Olissio Rides Again

Nice Vest

Riding Sideways?

Just Standin'

Tour de Horse

Juggling Too?!

Not Boring

Two Horses? Too Much!



Oh, No, They Didn't!


Flip You Out!


The Cavallo Kid

Hours of Entertainment

"Kill 'Em All!!!"

Get Ready...

Foam Weapons in the Air!

Bored Boy

Fierce Facial Expressions

Born 2 Boff


Scoot or Die

Boff Schmoff


When Will It End?

Tough Times

The Heat of Battle

Dragon's Breath

Punks Like Magick 2

Troll Puppet


Beautiful Dog

"Squire of the Wire"


Jousting Spear

"Okay, I Get it... It's Heavy."

Joust Match

Back in the Saddle

Lady of the Rings

Lil' Jester

Summer Knights

Surely You Jest!

"Harley LaQuinn"

Pirate Jam Band

Faerie Bridge

Fruit Picking

Plum Tree

Your ying yang, m'lady

It's Raining Ren

Turkey Leg Combo Basket (includes cob and Coke)

Towne Friar

Once You Go Ren You Never Go Back