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Ilan's Revenge

Description:Guess who just couldn't get enough of the Pacific Northwest? Ilan. And this time he brought his SF crew as part of a whirlwind road trip. (June 2007)
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Who's Ilan?

Stop Pickin' Your Nose

Ilan and the Wall

Wandering Whitney

Hello, What's This?

Pretty Thing


4 Faces!

Man-Boy Love

Nerd Alert

Crutches are Cool

Market Time!


Zach Attack

Robot Socks

D's Nuts

Under Where?

Naked Street


And The Dinosaur Inking Begins.

The Dino-Souls

Creature Feature

Dinos Forever.

Sheepdog Photoshoot pt. I

Sheepdog Photoshoot pt. II

Sheepdog Photoshoot pt. III