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Cinco de Mayo and the Non- Papier Haus Band

Description:We went to a Cinco de Mayo fiesta and the band that is Benny, Yair, Jonathan, and Preston performed for the very first time -- complete with improv jams.
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Stinko de Mayo

A Fine Pinata

Smokin' Decor

Papier Mache Sombrero

Tecate and Food in D Minor




Bass in the Face

King B.

J.H. Loves America

Dios Mio!

Ay Caramba!


Que Bonita!

No Entiendo!

Yo Toco La Guitarra!

Que Sorpresa!

Los Dos Compadres!

Que Rojo Es!

O Sole Mia!


Benny's Groupie

Crowd Goes Wild...