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Weekend in Alexisville

Description:I visited Oakland and SanFrancisco by way of Alexis.
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first ride on BART

majestic morning

Driving to Sunnyside Cafe

Overcast in Oakland

waiting for BART

wait and wait

riders riding

Video Rental Fortress

alley cat


gaze, smile

a study of pop art in the home

rear window


driving Miss Giraffe


phonecall with destiny

you are now entering chinatown

stop dragon my heart around

faces, blouses

so much tea

tea samples and fortunes

teany little tea cup

tea with enthusiasm

B street

tabletop italiano

endless possibilities

darn tootin

the bell tolls for thee

Pasta City

delightful delights

The old girl likes her canoli.

reflections of italian pastries

should I get a fish?

one fish, two fish

blue aisle

fake duck

cheeky goldfish

against the honeycomb wall

big white world