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San Francisco Giants

Description:Benny and i met Ari in SF for a weekend of thrills and chills and splendor with some of our favorite friends. March-April, 2007.
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Wings to Oakland

Copperfield and Pee-Wee

Hello Ilan


Light our Candle, Benny

The House of Ilan

Find Steve

Grand Old Building


Kahlua for Breakfast

Quest for Sandwiches

Squinting Toward the Beach

Salty Dog

Read, Dear

Honkin' on Bobo

Free Ride

Good Sports

Look Around You

Cold Cave

Blah in the Park

Stair People


Natural Burger

Ilan's Closet

Icey Creamy

Regular Guys

Kasey the Great


Golden Boy

Blue Lady Returns

Eyes Eyes Eyes

Bird Legs


We Love Party

Long Time no Sean

Wake up San Francisco

Cesar Chavez Day


Dancing in the Panaderia



Past the Mission

Mixed Nuts


Downward Facing Dame

Stretchy Alexis

Dream Zone

Animal Man


Berkeley Breakfast

Sunday a.m.

Still Sleepy?

Elf Village

Good Old 1829

Hey, I'd Live Here

Tossin' the Disc

The Hills Have Sighs

Static Man on the Mountain

Fools of April

Olsen's Shadow

The Highest We Got

Eucalyptus Delight

Teetering, Tottering Turtle

Scoping the Pond for Tuh-tles

Swampland of Love

Blue blue blue

Laughin' at the Swamp

All Natural

Bench Rest

Made It.

Taking a Liking to Hiking

Spikey Tree