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Fall & Winter Miscellanea with Skuffz & Matt

Description:Collected works beginning in November 2006, and ending whenever it stops being winter.
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Harvey's Comedy Club

Birthday Present - Junk Food Sushi

this trick never gets old


Egyptian coffee

Matt with Sand Person (AKA Tuskien Raider)

What are you Wooking at?

Wookies galore

Spectacular Specks

Abby Soup

Ya Hala!

food is fun

good beverages comes in small packages.

Ya Hala.


eggnog season

Zombie game

little zombies

Christmas breakfast with the Brachmanns

stocking stuffer for Matt

snow like mad

it's effing cold

snow stroll

everything looks different

dead world

trunk snow


let's go home.

Chicken & Biscuits

Clay Tower courtyard on a snowy day

happy worker

later on that day...

slow shutter speed makes him shudder

sigh.... that was good pizza.

neons and me

Crazy Eyez Killa #1

Crazy Eyez Killa #2

skating home

I'm not sure who is biting whom here.

a hearty helping of snow

branches in green

branches in yellow

branches in red