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I Believe in New Year's Eve

Description:2006. A good new year's eve.
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Hip-Hop Sultan B

Wild / Wilder


Magic Number

Flipped Out, Man

Nice Neighbors

Cole on Air

He's Gonna Say Fuck

A Song or Two

Champagne and Neon

Dazzles for Two

Don't Bug me, Hug me

Johnny Depp in Gold

Pink Plus Plaid

Dudes' Duet


Golden Oldies

Living Room Solo Jam

Are we there yet? Yes.

My Mom's Pants

Viva La Vie Boheme

Crowd from the Front

Happy New Year, Dummy

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves


PeeWee House Lady


Rock Steady

dance floor

Sparks in the dark

J & J

Stop smirkin'


Glove Love

I don't know about this

Bizarro World

I Love Life

Backs Together

Yearly Freakout

Hello 2007

More Orange

Pretty Into It


2007th Heaven

So Many Colors!

Time to face the year

Who is this lady?


Jump Group

Down Low

Sky-High Guys

Thinking about jumping

We Jumped

Leg Lifts

New Year's Day

New Year's Walk