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My Summer Vacation, At Last: San Diego, 2006

Description:We went to Comic Con, we ate tacos, we hung out at the beach, we ate burritos, we swam, and we ate more tacos. It was really wonderful.
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Hello Comic Con

Spongebob, Lego-Style



Weird Henry

In The Snake's Mouth

Snakes Prop


Friendly Bot


Big-Ass Pokemon

Larger-Than-Life Pikachu


Freddy's Glove

Freddy's Abs

Film People

Just Standing There

Patton: My Hero

Buenos Dias

Havin' a Bueno Time

Super Nachos!

Breakfast Bumpkins

Old Friends are Gold Friends

No Sniveling!

Lean Into It

Walking Away From Breakfast

Hot Summer Stroll

Like Having the Outside on the Inside

The Buyer

The Eater

The Buyer, The Eater, The Worker

Relax. It's the Beach.

Ocean Looks Silver

Beach Patch

Take a Look at the Land

Chill Dad

Hang Loose

Inclined to Recline

The Strokes

All Play

Off The Deep End

Float Fest

The Old Flip-Around

Upside Down

Up, Down, Turn Around

Watery, Wow!

Shrunken Head

Weird in the Water

Kid Cousin

Phil Collins

A Little Family Time


Uggy Sips

Ed's Head

Family Thais

The Best Crest

Don Quixote

The Chain in Spain

Cool Tree

Not Impressed?


Good Old Glen

Tom's Town

Butts Up

Now This I Like

The Mom

Home Bar!

Ocean Woman

Allison & Derek

Benny's Beached