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Pumpkins Part II: The Carving

Description:We had an intimate carving session during which we carved the shit out of our pumpkins and watched Treehouse of Horror episodes. Snacks too. Eeeeeeek! October 2006.
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Beastly Feast

Doodling to Death

A Pumpkin and a Sharpie



Heart of Darkness

Smokin' a Fat Baguette

Killer Design

A Hoot

Mane Attraction

Quothe The Raven...

Emote This!

Spoooooky Bart


Judas Priest Smile

Stages of Bart Raven

The Little Reggae Man in the Dark

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The Last Unicorn

Bart Bird

One-Armed Smoker

P for Pumpkin

Triple Scare 1

Triple Scare 2


Smokin' in the Cob Webs