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Pumpkins Part I: The Patch

Description:We spent a beautiful, hazy Sunday at the Craven Farm pumpkin patch in Snohomish. We painstakingly picked out our perfect pumpkins and played in the pretty patch.
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We've Made It

Wes Craven's Patch

Gourd Eyes

Gourd Nose

Quidditch in the Patch

Keep Off The Pumpkins

Big Time

The Old Farm Hands

Your Farm Hands Are Showing

Please, Alice?

Children of the Corn

Ace of Clubs

Card Attack

What a Card!

Corn Crazy

Knobby Knees

Tiny Tea Party

Grab Your Gourd

Glowing Handful

Slingy Thingie


The Perfect Wheelbarrow

Patch Posse

Barrel of Laughs!

Wild Wagon

Patch Adams

Orange and Green

P-Patch Pickin'

American Gothic

Dusk Light Settles On The Patch

Empty Wagon

Plentiful Wagon

A Little Goth In The Patch

Oh, The Autumn!

Abby's Patch Portrait

Benny's Patch Portrait

Nicole's Patch Portrait

Just A Little Something

Happy Halloween

Possible Pumpkin?

Harvest Jewel


The Fruits of Our Labor

Gosh, Squash!

Corn Guy

Cobs and Cobs and Cobs

Car O' Plenty

Not Pumpkins

Day's Over