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Kris and Jace Pace in Thailand

Description:I decided to go visit my friend Jason in Bangkok while I was in Calcutta. Cuz, you know, it's closer to India than France or Seattle.
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Jace Pace and T-I-M.

Random Thais at Chatuchak Market

Jason is asleep.

Bangkok skyline from Jason's balcony

Kris, happy, flushed, in his usual shirt

Fauna. So f-reaking beautiful.


The Thai writing system looks very difficult to learn. Any luck, Jason?

A restaurant near Jason's soy (street)


You haven't had dinner in Krung Thep till you've had it on a rooftop. The food was wonderful...

Jason is obviously enjoying his meal as well. Can you FedEx me some more of that soup?

Jason communicates with his friends while his posters stand around and look hot.