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Kevin's Grad BBQ

Description:Back in June 2006, Kevin graduated from UW and we celebrated with a slammin' picnic in the park.
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The Graduate

Grown-Up Gift

Another Grown-Up Gift

Bubbles: The Beginning

Three J's

Bocce Ballers

Julia's Hamburger

Laid Back (With Cake)

Jugglin' Bee

Summer Lady

Groovy Couple

June Gloom

Dudes Only. Please.

Chillin' Down There

Frisbee and Stuff


Red Velvet Cake

Dying Bee

Springy and Sad

Smokey Bubblez

Blowin' Bubs

"The Negro Leagues"

Jordan's Handstand

Nice Balls

Smokey Ball

Field of Dreams

Smoke Can Be Cool

Nasty Bubble!

Nothing But Love 4 U

Blow it, Clarence Carter

Don't Blow Too Hard

Gee Whiz!

Summer's Eve

One More Bubble

Goodbye Bubble