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Skuffz and Matt's Rockin' Housewarming Party

Description:We warmed that house. Hell, we warmed the whole city. Burned it, actually. Too hot. (June or July 2006)
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Stephanie in the Morning

We Got Served. Breakfast.

I'd Eat It All Again If I Could

Rattle, Roll

The Dark Side of Powell's



What the Fuck

The Hour of Partying Down

Kitchen Crew

Feelin' Terrific

Down the Hatch

Time for Devin

The Papasan Chair


PeeWee's Playhouse

Oh, PeeWee

Moo With Me

You Wouldn't Know It...

Ernie Hemingway

We Had Coffee (Not Soup)

Trail Mix

Lunch in the Lobby

Here I am With My Mom

Burgers, Apples

Green House

Blue Bike

Benny and the Dog, Rabbit

Billie the Cat

Model Cat

Real Cat, Fake Dog

Billie Above, Rabbit Below

Under the Table and Woofing

Mysterious Cat Under the Shed