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A Visit in May. Why Not?

Description:Skuffz and Matt visited. Together we tasted fine cheeses, the future, and India. And they were great.
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Welcome To The Cheese Festival

Blurred and Hungry

Field Day

Weekend Warriors

Dairy Explosion

Cream Me


Pubic Market

Seattle Adam

Nothing To See Here

It's Weird...


Evil Eye

Dark & Stormy Night, 2080

Future Freaks

Athletic or Cult-like

Ready for Anything

Spring Thing

New Technology

Futuristic Fitness

The Dark Years

Sensory Overload

Point and Shoot

Best Friends of the Future

New Romancer

Benny's Goitre

Cool Antenna


I Smell Trouble

What a Mystery

grooming the beast

Now you see Evelyn's head...

... Now you don't!

big beard, big specs

profile while waiting for food

tea time

bowl of rice

a poodle. a noodle. a doodle.

happy times

sad times

how puzzling

you want a piece of this?

future man

Wire Art Kit (Bird in Flight)

tea and puzzling

in the future everyone will pose next to TV's for photographs

let me have a look at you

Squeezebox Serenade

oh, the longing


yard sittin'

Croquet in May


croquet master

wicked wicket

barefoot in the park

the back


Evelyn McMallet

too many croquet pictures

I'm Crazy Mallet-Mustache

I Want to Chai Like an Eagle

If anyone asks you if you want more chai, you always say yes.

Miles, Evelyn, Pink Tablecloth

Waitress, Cameron, Adam

Bright Ideaz

Hang Me. Please!

Pink Pair, Space-Age Style

Who's RedMan?

Break Like the Wind

Say Hello to Evelyn

All Alone in 2080

Weird, Am I Right, People?

One Thing I Learned From The Future...


Just...Hangin' Around

High-Five Forever

Feel the Glove Tonight

On the Bench

My Fave Martian


His Name is Brian

No Fear