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Paddy's Going Away Weekend.

Description:I flew down to Davis, California to help my little brother move off to Sicily. We met some old friends and family along the way. (And we drank lots of Jamba Juice too.)
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Shayla, Patrick, Antonio Sabato Jr.

Trick loves Sabato in his Calvins.

Knuckle Sandwich.

He thinks he's so badass.

Breast friends from high school. (4 good)

Twins in extra tall and extra short.

Oh we're so silent Jens.

Okay, last one.

We be trippin.

Zombie Shayla.

Hop on the Paddy wagon.



Jogging in Davis.

What an egghead.

Rumor has it....

Waxing cheesy.

Nephew Nicholas has Nintendogs.

Niece Natalie plays the flute.

Nicholas plays the violin.

Patrick's trying too hard.



What a gamer.

The Oak Knoll Crew.