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Portland and La Femme Plus

Description:We went to Portland and visited my mom, who was a judge in La Femme Plus International, a plus-sized drag queen pageant held at Darcelle's. My mom, despite not being plus-sized herself, was an excellent judge, and we all had a delightful time.
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First Things First

Animal Time

Goat Guy

Creature Patch

Super Fun

Taco Land


Genius at Work

Skuffz's Kitchen

Brontosaurus Coffee

Live Freaky

Die Freaky

Their Loss

Doods (Doodles)

Is He Drawing Rabbits?



Fancy / Gross

Auntie Celeste

Golden Mother

Mirrored Thingie

Can I Get an "Oh, Shit" ??

Fast as Lightning

Celestial, Poisonous, Watery, Towering

Diamond City

Lotus Mandalay

Beaded Beauty

Trinity Something

Queenly Face

Little Gold Man

Boxed In

Candella LaPierre


Lotus and the Swan

Swan II

Drag Queen Snacks

Three Times the Lady

Red Top

Old Fave

Oh, Candella!


Green Lotus


Otto Titslinger

These Guys

Judge Marijke


Gold and Green

Look Out!

Queens on Parade

The Night Drags On

La Femme Hero

Dark vs. Light

Chillin' at Burgerville (as usual)

the place to be

All Perked Up!


Burgers at the Ville

I Like Burgerville

gang member

looking smart in specks

we are here for the show

pink straw

it's all so exciting

Judgement Day

Togeths Forevs

Peace... What is it Good For?

a good time was being had by all...

you come here often?

nice sweater

birds of paradise


go huskies!

creature of the night

Lotus in Bloom

strike a pose

in all their glory

how do they do that hand thing?