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Livia Meets Las Cruces 2005

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rosemary is on tv

the cotton crop

a lady's grave


some saint or something

samons is the place to be

a telephone pole

under the freeway

the white sands

livia trekking the white sands

livia at the picnic table


livia is a dreamdate

i am at the white sands

cute face

absurdly windy

too cute

cuted to death

cranky in the window

hot town in the mirror

still winding it up

freezing to death in antarctica

okay i look nice

barbed wire

the mountain we climbed

at the gas station

at my apartment

on thanksgiving


livia is a lumberjack

livia is a pimp

opening the gate so the cows won't escape

the goods

i am driving a car

the sun is bright

i am a cowboy

and i am still a cowboy!