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Summer Days / Daze

Description:stay cool.
Parent Places: List of Places > Everything > just some erika shit no biggie
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Pictures contained in this place:

Rainproof Ari

Beyond the Brick

Cornered in Green

I Got You This Flower


Ari Eye

Something in the Trees

This Is Not About Teriyaki

City Kids With Snacks

Poolside Rendezvous

My Reflection, Dirty Mirror

Ballard Days

Cone Heads

Behind Benny's Wheel

Get In The Water

Sort Of Like Salsa

Blonder and Blonder

Not Bimbos, But At Bimbo's

Rainy Days And Fridays

The Beautiful VanHornes

Little Big Brother

beaching it

a friendship pact

banana boat

delightful summer portrait

animal planet

green heart leaves

very metal ari

long island glare

julia's tiny camera

give it your best shot

adam's magic grill

back porch

feasting their eyes

trail of sparkles


transparent foot

plastic... metal?

a run-by fruiting