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Description:so here we are doing karaoke.
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cocktail hour

neon shit

stoked on stage

back-up brent

a deal with god

Running Up That Hill

Volcano Girl

leave me lying here

so smooth

Give Me Your Heart

Or Else Forget About It

Anne and Kasey

money money money

En Vogue

Pink and Blue

Living In A World Of Ghetto Life

Funky Divas...

One Night at McCyool's

feelin' hella good

that's what's goin' on

don't go chasin'

get over it

overbite, underbite

certainly uncertain

the hand of rock

air drums

it's almost like we know this guy

the old one-eyed kiss

los four compadres

we'll be mellow when we're dead

illegal smiles


vice versa

sweet understanding

you should seymour of this